Brent and Jess

Don’t want to have your better half slip the same the same plain old boring wedding bands on your hand at the altar? Brent and Jess is just the thing for you. Brent and Jess are actually two graduates of the Maine College of Art with Bachelor of Fine Arts and hold degrees in Jewelry and Metal-Smithing. They specialize in original custom fingerprint wedding bands. Brent and Jess are committed to making the most important moments in their customers lives something very special.

The small team at Brent and Jess consists of people who help the brides and grooms find trends and design their fingerprint wedding bands. These bands are now offered in a range of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The team also includes expert mould makers and metal smiths, who ensure that the products delivered to you, are of such high quality, that you will never want to take them off!

Red I by Chelsea

Who doesn’t want to have a dream wedding, with your loved ones by your side, and everything going perfectly as planned? Destination weddings are a great way to achieve this, and luckily for us, Red I by Chelsea is a brand that specializes in making the most of a vacation like setting for a wedding, be it a beach ceremony or a formal procedure in a metropolitan resort.

Chelsea Bond, the brainchild of this brand, is a wedding jewelry designer who draws inspiration from travelling and the different cultures of the world. She makes unique barefoot sandals, glittery earrings, necklaces that could make other swoon with enviousness, hair adornments, bracelets and much more.

The best part is that she makes custom jewelry, all tailored to fit the needs of the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids and the decorations, leaving you to worry less about the requirements of the upcoming festivities and enjoy more!

Decoupage Plates – A Great Way to Preserve Wedding Invites

Decoupage plates are a wonderful way to put that creative streak in you to some use. Gluing some colorful paper or gold leaf onto a plate and then applying varnish so that the layers look like an inlay work is a simple enough process but can yield some masterful results.

Applying decoupage techniques in the field of weddings is a great idea. You can use decoupage plates to preserve wedding invites!  It is cost efficient and spares you the worry of spending hundreds of dollars on wedding invitations. It is also something your guests will appreciate, and make them want to attend your wedding.

Lastly, each decoupage plate is unique in the sense that you can add on to it whatever tidbits and small decorative items like dried flowers you have lying around the house. It’s such a great way to making the most of what you already have, and you can display them in your house as a wall hanging or a frame after the wedding.

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