Choosing a wedding band or ring for a man may be not as hard as choosing one for a woman, but it is still no piece of cake. Men may not fuss tirelessly over the details, and they may not want something that screams attention, but they still have to have something that speaks boldly of strength, and uniqueness. If you’re choosing a ring for yourself, to couple with the ring for the bride, then it can be even harder a procedure, because more men are not well versed in the jewelry terminology, and the range of rings available is so broad, that you wouldn’t know where to start and where to end.

It is important that you spend enough time on this decision until you find the perfect ring, because your fiancé going to be holding on to this ring for a very long time. So it should match not only his personality but also your lifestyle. Make sure that it is comfortable to wear and is comes within your range of affordability. Some other questions to consider when choosing the perfect wedding ring for the groom is whether you should go for matching wedding rings, whether you should design your own ring and have it made by a jewelry smith or choose from an existing range. What sort of metal should be utilized? Should it be platinum, gold, silver or more inexpensive materials like brass, and wood? Should it contain any gemstones, and if so, which ones?

Another thing to consider is whether he wears his ring at all times, even at work. If his work consists of tough manual labor like working with heavy duty machinery and equipment, then you should go for a stronger metal that doesn’t wear away easily. In this case, buying 18 karat gold metal bands would definitely not be a good idea. The same is the case if he likes sports like rock climbing, basketball, surfing etc.  Also, you might wish to buy a ring that has a clasp so it can be taken off quickly in the case of an emergency such as his finger getting stuck somewhere.

Lots of men prefer wearing their wedding ring on a chain around their neck instead of on their fingers because it’s more practical and easier to handle that way. So if your fiancé is one of those guys, then make sure not to go for a too intricate or woven type of ring because it doesn’t look flattering on chains.

If your to-be husband is someone who is daring and likes something different, then it is advisable to go a wedding ring that comes in two tones. You could mix two metals such as gold and platinum banded together or you could go for a satin finish textured ring or a woven pattern instead of the usual polished version. Ribbed edges would add a neat finish to an otherwise boring looking ring.

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