Most of us never really had the choice of how the world should be run. For example, on the question of whether we should have a wedding to legalize marriage rather than just living together and procreating, no one really asked us before passing the law that only legalized weddings will be recognized.

We see that for matters of rights, especially, weddings are an advantage.  In many countries, people who have not officially had a wedding do not automatically do not inherit each other’s property nor can they claim anything from a surviving partner. Another situation is that only wedded couples can be co-owners of their homes. To save all this trouble, it is important for couples to wed.

Wedding also gives a bond between two people strength. The couples are said to live honorably and their children are given due respect by others. On the practical side, the spouses and the children stand to gain from the support given by the government to legal marriages. Furthermore, it is morally correct by the standards of all organized religions.

On the issue of whether couples should be permanently bound to each other, there are several advantages why they should. Children do not ask to be born but are brought into the world by their parents. Once couples become parents – whether they have wed or not – they have not involved an innocent party into their world. Automatically, it becomes their moral responsibility to give their children the best they can. Time and again it has proven that children of those parents who do not leave their spouses are less traumatized than others. Man is one of the animals that take care of his young for a long time. This is because his young need him and his protection for a long time. Since both parents are needed for this, they are morally bound to stay together for their children’s sake. It would be unethical for any one parent to run away from this responsibility.

The question also arises for couples who do not have children or their children have grown up and no longer need them. Why should they still remain in a wedded union? For this, an annulment or a divorce is an option, but it is in human nature to want to live together. Weddings and subsequent marriage are institutions that allow the tendency for people to live together to develop.

Weddings are also a channel through which we can show our loved ones how much we truly care for them, how much effort we are willing to make to give them a perfect day and show them that we want to spend the rest of our lives with them through our vows. Weddings are kind of like a seal to a union of two people. They are discovered by man to be the best arrangement after a lot of trial and error.

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