Wedding is one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. Thus, it is only fitting that one prepares extensively for it. The venue dictates much of the occasion’s outcome. But with ample preparation and the right information, marching down the aisle can actually be a breeze.

Baton Rouge weddings are as common as the city’s festivals. With the city’s rich selection of wedding-perfect venues, tying the knot can both be daunting and interesting. Couples can choose from the following Baton Rouge locations: beaches, mansions, banquet halls, hotels and resorts, synagogues and temples, chapels and churches, restaurants, gardens, or boats and yachts.

Invites and other wedding supplies are available in several establishments around the city. Officiants for Baton Rouge weddings such as judges or ministers are also easy to find. For a more comprehensive wedding guide in the city, check out Find out the essential wedding details and what-have-you’s and learn where you can get these.

Before you get too overwhelmed with the actual wedding party preparations, make sure that you have all the important documents ready. Baton Rouge weddings would require you to get a marriage license. To obtain one, you will each need a copy of your birth certificates, $25 license fee, and apply for the license at the Clerks of Court (for directions, call 225-293-2933). The license is issued three days after application so it’s not wise to postpone this task. It’s not also advisable to apply for a license months before your actual wedding date since it expires after 30 days from the date of issuance. After the wedding rites, the officiant should sign the license to authenticate the marriage.

Most Baton Rouge weddings are held in historic places. With the city’s rich history, this is not surprise at all. The Old Governor’s Mansion is a top favorite. Built in 1930, this ancient structure is popular because of its resemblance to the White House. Another popular historic venue is the medieval castle-inspired Old State Capitol which is famous for its stained-glass ceiling and museum. If these two are not free on your wedding day, there are several plantation houses that are definitely good alternatives.

For really authenticate Baton Rouge weddings, using native blossoms is a must. Magnolia, the state flower, will definitely add beauty and charm to the occasion. To create a more unique look, add irises (native blossoms as well) to the floral arrangement.

Weddings do not take place everyday and several times in a person’s life. That is why it is important to make these extra special affairs. So make all the effort and create lasting memories.

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