If you are not sure about which style to choose from, here are some bridal bouquet ideas to help in your decision making:

The Pomander Bouquet or Kissing Ball

The Pomander Bouquet or Kissing Ball is type of bridal bouquets that consists of a ball of flowers suspended from a loop of decorative ribbon. This is often most popular with young folk like flower girls and junior.

The Wreath or Flower Hoop Bouquet

The Wreath or Flower Hoop Bouquet is on the other hand a much more relaxed and loosely tied arrangement where the bouquet is hand tied. This is sometimes also known as a clutch bouquet. It is made by using a simple gathering of flowers that are bound and tied with a large ribbon or an exotic fabric. The stems are left exposed. Some of the examples of this design are phlox, Queen Anne’s lace and cosmos. It works out best when you are having an outdoor wedding.

The Wrist Bouquet or Flower Bracelet Bouquet

The Wrist Bouquet or Flower Bracelet Bouquet is a wrist bouquet that is worn on the wrist, much like a flower bracelet bouquet. So it is more corsage in nature. The flowers and foliage chosen for this purpose are small, such as the African violets. They are mounted one a base that is attached to a strong elastic, so that the bracelet will feel comfortable around the wrist. This style is a great for those who want to try something different or for those who don’t want to have their hands occupied. The best part is that it can be made in any combination of flowers and can have small beads or crystal attached to it to give it a sparkly and lively look.

The Ballerina Bouquet

The Ballerina Bouquet is a round bouquet that consists more of tulle and net and less of flowers. It became popular in the early 1940s around the time of World War II. At that time, flowers were scarce much like every other perishable resource, and since then, it has developed into cost-effective solution for someone who has a small budget but still wants a beautiful bouquet. Much like the Flower Hoop Bouquet, it works out well when used

The Basket Bouquet

The Basket Bouquet is arranged in a shallow basket. It is most popular with flower girls and junior bridesmaids, though it may also be carried by brides. Much like the Flower Hoop Bouquet, it works out well when used in an outdoor or garden-like wedding setting.

The Scepter Bouquet

The Scepter Bouquet is like an oversized want, where the handles are very long and wrapped with things like ribbon, and cording or ornaments. It is often used in a fairy like or dream like wedding, and the scepter bouquet can be carried by anyone in the wedding ceremony, and not just the bride. It gives a dramatic touch to the occasion.

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