There are many different styles, shapes and types of bridal bouquets, so it is very important to have a look at all the variations available before you finally choose the perfect flower arrangement for your big day. We have gathered a list of different styles of bridal bouquets to make things easier for you.

Prayer-book Bouquet or Bible Spray

The first style in our guide is the Prayer-book Bouquet or Bible Spray, in which a small prayer book or bible used as the as the base and a small bouquet is placed upon it. The flower design mostly consists of a small cluster of flowers that are the size of a corsage. A small armature or ribbons that fasten the flowers to the book can help protect the holy book from damage. Sometimes, just a single flower stem is placed through the center of the book. Though this does not indicate the typical flower bouquet, it is still a traditional choice among many religious brides because this bouquet is a symbol of faith and spirit. The best thing about this type of bridal bouquet is that is can be designed in a contemporary way, just by adding or lessening the number of flowers and adjusting the covering fabric of the holy book.

The Muff Bouquet

The Muff Bouquet is a type of bridal bouquet that was very popular in Europe in the early centuries. Since it used to be very cold in winters, a muff, which is a corsage shaped bouquet, was designed so that the hands of the bride could fit snugly into it. Its beauty is accentuated when paired with long evening gloves.

Shower bouquet

Shower bouquet, also known as a Cascading bouquet and the Multi-train bouquet, is characterized by its roundish shape at the top and pointed at the bottom. It is designed so that it flows down and spills over the bride’s hands for a graceful effect. This style became popular in the 1910s or 1920s, where it replaced posies that were fashionable at the time. The shower bouquet can use any kind of flower and is made to be so large that it almost hides the bride when held in front.  This style became trendy when the late Princess Diana used this kind of bridal bouquet at her wedding. The contemporary smaller version of this design is known as the Teardrop bouquet and Trail bouquet.

The Posy bouquet

The Posy bouquet can be held in one hand with ease since it is usually round and small. There are a further two categories of the posy bouquets. The first can be loose, unstructured and hand tied, while the other style incorporates the use of florists wire in place of the flower stems, so that the posy bouquets can be much lights and easier to hold.

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