Bridal bouquets are without a doubt one of the most important things in a wedding. No wedding would be complete without the signature toss, and it has become ever so necessary to take care that the bridal bouquets matches with either the dress or the overall theme of the wedding.

With so many different types of bridal bouquets available in the market, it can get confusing as to which style to choose. We have compiled a list of some of the styles so you can choose the one that is perfect for you. These bridal bouquets will provide you with inspiration and multiple possibilities for your unique bouquet design.

The Posy Bouquet

The first style on the list is the posy bouquet. It can be held in one hand with ease since it is usually round and small. There are a further two categories of the posy bouquets. The first can be loose, unstructured and hand tied, while the other style incorporates the use of florists wire in place of the flower stems, so that the posy bouquets can be much lights and easier to hold. Normally, beautiful satin cloth envelopes the lower portion of the bridal bouquet where the stems or the wires are, and clasped together with a ribbon made of velvet or organza. Pearl pins or beads can be used as the perfect embellishment to finish the product.

The Nosegay Bouquet

The nosegay bouquet is traditionally famous for having more greenery than other bouquets and for being mounted in a small cone shaped holder called tussie-mussie.

The Tussie Mussie

It grew in popularity in the 1980s, and consisted of small flowers and herbs with a stiff tulle backing. Ring chains can also be attached to the bridal bouquet to facilitate the carrying.

The tussie mussie came into being first in France in the 18th century. This came from the Victorian era where art forms were considered unique. It could be made out of various materials such as metal (silver, gold, pewter) or glass, porcelain, plastic or cobalt glass. The tussie mussie can be used not only as bridal bouquets but also have bouquets to be put on reception tables and as keepsakes for bridesmaids after the wedding festivities.

The Biedermeier Bouquet

The biedermeier bouquet is highly influenced by the European traditions of weddings. It first originated in Switzerland in the late 1800s. In this particular type of bridal bouquet, the flowers are arranged in circular patters with each ring containing on type of flower. So the whole bouquet basically consists of multiple types of flowers with different colors. Orange and lemon peels are sometimes added to this bouquet in order to enhance the fragrance. It is named biedermeier after a style of interior design of German origin. It has recently become popular once again because it’s pleasing geometry and of the trend towards stark contrasts in color and dramatic beauty.

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