Weddings are joyous and ceremonious occasions. These moments culminate the journey between couples who have traveled over the times of commitment and faithfulness with each other. The perfect wedding is what every girl dreams of. It has to be something that people must remember by every time they hear the word “forever”. For a wedding, the place where it is to be held is very important. There are many places to choose from. From Church weddings to garden weddings down to beach side weddings, but to be more diverse, Yosemite Weddings may cater your interests.

Yosemite Weddings are created by Rev. Autrey and Donna Nassar. They deliver wedding services to couples who wish to be married in the Yosemite, Mariposa and Oakhurst areas. Along with local businesses, they work to accommodate the demands of couples for a dream wedding. The locations of the ceremony may be held at the lake, waterfalls, meadows, parks and elegant hotels depending on the season the couples choose.

The Ahwahnee Hotel is a grand location for a wedding and reception. Just behind the hotel is the “Wedding Meadow” where weddings are solemnly held. For a wonderful experience of tying the knot near a waterfall, Bridalveil Falls and the Yosemite Falls await brides–and-grooms–to-be with its crystal clear waters and soft mist. Yosemite Weddings are also held in the Yosemite Chapel for persons in touch with their religious faith and for a breathtaking view, atop the Glacier Point. These locations are of fairytale quality which holds the couples captive under its spells.

Wedding planners like John and Sue Paris are responsible for making dream weddings possible. In line with their work are providing couples of suggestions for a memorable and affordable wedding and planning the ceremony. The wedding ceremony officiated by a minister includes the declaration of the vows and for some, the renewal of such. Wedding planners also manage all the wedding details and see to it that all are properly taken cared of for the couples to avoid the rush and wedding catastrophes.

Yosemite Weddings became very enticing for couples who want to be wed in a magical world of beautiful sceneries and picture-perfect views. The enchanting wedding locations inspire several couples in the world to explore these places. The romantic auras of the places bring engaged couples to make a fresh start of being husbands and wives. Yosemite Weddings are now becoming famous for its theme that spells forever-after.

Fall Head Over Heels with Yosemite Waterfalls

Waterfalls are physical formations of the earth in the form of flowing water from an edge of a cliff down to a river or lake. These are located in between massive rocks or in between mountains where rapid erosion occurs. Also, one of the causes of the formation of waterfalls is the melting off of glaciers. The process of glaciation eventually led to the formation of running streams. This process has caused the formation of the large Yosemite Waterfalls in Yosemite Valley.

Yosemite Valley is not only rich with forests and meadows. Yosemite Waterfalls complete the elements present of an artist’s painting. These waterfalls draw individuals near like metals to a magnet. These waterfalls not only complete the picture, but give movement and life as well.

The Yosemite Waterfalls comprise the eight large and very beautiful waterfalls. These are the Upper Yosemite Falls, Lower Yosemite Falls, Nevada Falls, Vernal Falls, Illilouette Falls, Bridalveil Falls, Ribbon Falls and lastly the Silver Strand Falls. The Upper Yosemite Falls measures 1430 feet with the Yosemite Creek as its watercourse. The Lower Yosemite Falls is comparatively lesser in height than Upper Yosemite Falls. It measures only 320 feet with the same Yosemite Creek as its watercourse. The Nevada Falls is the most isolated among the major waterfalls measuring 594 feet with the Merced River as its watercourse. The Vernal Falls is broad and square measuring 317 feet with the Merced River as its waterway. The least appreciated of some tourist is the Illilouette Falls which can’t be seen from any road and measures 370 feet with the Illiloutte Creek as its watercourse.

Another stream of the Yosemite Waterfalls is the famous Bridalveil Falls which measures 620 feet and has the Bridalveil Creek as its channel. The Ribbon Falls has a measurement of 1612 feet in height and the Ribbon Creek serves as its watercourse. Finally, the Silver Strand Falls measures 1170 feet with the Meadow Brook as its waterway.

The Yosemite Waterfalls are as welcoming as the other magnificent spots of the valley. Tourists interested in hiking over the top of the waterfalls and enjoying the view just right below can have a pleasant time admiring these waterfalls. Although the Nevada Falls prohibits hikers from swimming in the pool of water, the beauty of the falls is mesmerizing to the eyes. The waterfalls attract all kinds of people and the invitation to appreciate its splendor is open to all.


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