The concept of a honeymoon registry is quite similar to a wedding registry, except that whereas friends and relatives help pay for dinner set or photo shoots in a wedding registry, in a honey moon registry, your loved ones get the chance to make your honeymoon extra special.

The process of creating a registry is fairly simple. A website or a retail store helps the couple create a list of their desired items which is then made available to the guest list. Thus, they can choose what to pay for like transportation, accommodation, dining, recreational activities and other holiday/honeymoon related expenses.

HoneyFund is an online honeymoon registry founded by Sarah and Josh, who initially came up with this website because they were unable to afford high registry fees for their honeymoon. They were successful in generating enough funds for their honeymoon through the help of their family and friends. In the spirit of wanting others to experience a wonderful honeymoon too, they have made this website free for all members.

Hatch My House is another alternative to a wedding registry with really low transaction fees. It is an interactive website where you can customize a ‘dream’ house and let your friends and family pitch in making your dream come true by buying a ‘part’ of it. It could be something like floor lamination, a wooden door or even just a renovation of your current home.

UponOurStar is a website that enables the ‘wishes’ of couples to be fulfilled. These wishes can range from a global trip, an education fund for their future children or contributions for building their homes. Guest can donate cash, while the registry charges a small percentage of the gift. The couple receives a cash payment which helps realize their wishes.

I Do Foundation was established in 2002 with a mission to allow engaged couples to incorporate their social values in their wedding festivities and celebrations. This was put into practice by enabling the couples to donate generously to the charities of their choice or to give back to the causes they believe in. In 2009, I Do Foundation joined hands with JustGive, which is an online channel for charity giving.

This website, now in collaboration with lets you create gift registries and charity registry, which your guests can access to when they view your wedding website. Donations can be given to any of the approved charities on their list, and up to 3 percent of the proceeds from gift purchases will be donated by WeddingChannel in a similar fashion. This is surely a wonderful way to feel good about your upcoming wedding!

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