Bendigo Formal Hire and Ron Speed Photography

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Bendigo Formal Hire and Ron Speed Photography
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Weddings, Black Tie & Special Events

Weddings, black tie or that special event Bendigo Formal Hire has the solution. With the same great personalized service of ‘your local tailor’, Bendigo Formal Hire offer the very latest in suits styles and fabrics – with exclusive labels such as Spurling, Zenetti, Issimo & Ferrari

Bendigo Formal Hire also carries one of the largest selection of vest, ties, bowties and other complementary accessories guaranteed to define your next occasion


School Formals

Chances are, you’re heading to more than one formal this season and you don’t want to be wearing the same gear more than once! That’s why formal HIRE is the way to go – heaps of looks for a fraction of the price of buying. One week you’re as hot as Orlando Bloom at the Oscars, the next you’re as cool as fifty cent at the MTV Awards.

Of course if you insist on owning your very own f-gear, then that’s great too! Just get yourself a few shirts and ties to mix it up, or play with different hats, shoes or braces to create a different look every time.

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