Try out beauty product in advance:

Every woman considers her wedding day to be one of the most important events in her life – and a lot of men do too.  Who doesn’t want to look picture perfect that day? People spend huge amounts of money going to salons the day before the wedding, or buying extremely expensive products to apply on overnight – only to wake up with disastrous results on the big day.

There are many companies that sell beauty creams and treatments that claim will reduce the crow’s feet around your eyes or make you look young. Some of them are quacks and just sell products to make quick profits. You can never be sure whether these treatments will have negative effects on your body. Therefore, it is vital that you thoroughly check the fine print on the packaging of these products. They might not suit you and you might end up having an allergic reaction to them. It is greatly advised that you try a small amount on a patch of skin first and make sure you end up with rashes.

Unplug from social media & technology on your wedding day:

In this age of technological advancement, we find ourselves utterly dependant on devices such as mobile phones, laptops and Ipads. What is more alarming is that these nifty little gadgets have led us to be completely dominated and controlled by the social media. We find it unimaginable to go without updating a status on Facebook about an event as miniscule as a haircut, or following people on Twitter.

Everyone knows wedding days are the most cumbersome days, and we need to do everything we can do keep them as hassle free as possible. However, the social media complicates things, and when the is originally meant for the bride and groom to connect with their guests, we see their noses buried in their phones, posting pictures on Facebook, or updating their blogs, even while sitting down at the ceremony.

Wedding days should be more about personal celebration and enjoyment instead of being worried about the amount of attention the couple is getting. And sometimes, it’s not the images that you have digitally captured, but the clear memories that you end up cherishing more. That is why it might be a good idea to have an unplugged wedding.

Build your wedding website:

Building a website for your wedding can be tricky business, and you need to have html and web skills in order to start from scratch, but fortunately for those who don’t possess such skills, there are many different companies out there who can help you create your wedding website. You can, alternatively hire web designer to build your wedding website. A domain name and hosting are essential parts of such a process.

In addition to that, what goes on your website is really important too. It is vital to include basic information like who is invited, where the venue is and when. You can include directions and maps, attire suggestion, registry information and other similar stuff to facilitate your guests. After all, that’s the basic purpose behind building your wedding website!

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