We all know that both men and women start the mantra of wanting to get in shape as soon as they put a ring on their finger. As the day of the wedding approaches, so does their enthusiasm for becoming fit, because they want to look attractive to their spouse right after they begin their honeymoon. Besides being healthy, there is also the attractiveness of persons with fit bodies. Needless to say, a fit person will have a more shapely and attractive body. Being thought to be attractive will make the person more confident in everything and this will lead him or her to be more successful in his married life and sexual relationship.

People spend hundreds of dollars and join expensive gyms and work out clubs, but what they don’t realize is that they could shed those extra pounds in a matter of weeks as long as they stay committed to their goal. Here are a few tips through which you will end up looking and feeling great in no time.

With regard to keeping fit, there are many methods. They range from the inexpensive methods of jogging or walking, playing tennis to more expensive methods like working out a in a gym or playing golf. If you are rich enough to afford these methods, by all means go ahead, but if you can’t, don’t get disillusioned by the fact that money solves everything. Hard work and commitment will yield just as much the same results regardless of the methods you employ. There is bound to be a method which one can engage in within one means.

Other similar activities include playing football, hockey, basketball that are pretty suitable for the jocks. For those who are looking to merely tone their bodies instead of losing weight, there is the option of yoga, Pilates or tai chi classes. There will not only help keep you fit, but also relax your mind and get less worried about all the intricacies of the wedding coming ahead. You can even download some work out videos or by them from the nearest stores. There are all kinds of such exercises available, which range from cardio, to weights lifting, to toning and exercises for specific parts of the body. These are all lead by famous certified instructors. Jane Fonda, Kathy Smith and Jillian Michaels are to name a few. What is more, you can do these from the comfort of your own house, and you only need a few things such as a floor mat, or pair of dumbbells.

Workouts can be tailored to suit your timings, so they can consist of ten minutes or they can be more than an hour long. Thus, the excuse that there is ‘no time’ is ridiculous because it makes sense to take some time out in order to impress your spouse on your wedding day. The best part is that working out can be fun. You can even work out together with your fiancé or fiancée, so that they provide each other with constant motivation!

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