What could be more romantic than exchanging “I Do’s” with the golden sand beach, clear blue ocean waters, tropical plants and flowers, and the warm sun as your witnesses? Weddings in Dominican Republic have become very popular through years. People who dream about walking down the aisle in the most memorable setting have found out that weddings in Dominican Republic are the answer to their prayers. Couples may be saying their vows for just a few minutes, but they will certainly have special memories of their weddings in Dominican Republic to last them a lifetime.

There are different settings for a wedding and these can all be according to what the couple wants to have. Weddings in Dominican Republic can be as simple affair which can mean a short beach ceremony or a brief marital rite in the midst of tropical trees and plants. Some may opt to hold a grand wedding ceremony. They can even have a week-long event which would include pre and post marital activities for the couple and the guests. Couples can also choose themes for their weddings in Dominican Republic. They can have the popular beach-themed event or the unique nature-themed wedding.

Organizing weddings in Dominican Republic is not hard at all. Even if you’re not a local, the country has laws that make allow tourists to get married in the Dominican Republic with no hassle. There are only a few requirements that are needed like the valid passports of the couple, original birth certificates, and affidavit of single status translated in Spanish. Planning for big day shouldn’t be a problem too. It is still advisable that the weddings in Dominica Republic be planned for a few months. Wedding Planner services may be obtained especially if you don’t speak Spanish to ensure that the event will be perfect. At least two witnesses who are above 18 years old are required in every marital rite. If the witnesses are non-residents, they need to have valid passports with them. You may also ask hotel staff to stand as witness in case you do not have any other person to act as one.

Weddings in Dominican Republic are not only intended for those getting hitched for the first time. Those who have been through divorce have only to produce a copy of the decree of divorce or death certificate of the former spouse. Couples who wish to renew their vows are also welcome to do it and will only need their original wedding certificates.

Men who are 16 years of age and women who are at least 15 can have their weddings in Dominican Republic. However, proxy marriages and same sex marriages will have to be done some place else.

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