There is no disputing that weddings cost a pretty penny, or in most cases thousands of pennies. Everything from the dress to the flowers has to be factored into the cost, so small things like favors for weddings are often forgotten about in favor of something more important. However, you must keep in mind that the people attending your wedding want to take something with them to remember your special day by.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to create a small and memorable item for your guests. Although some couples give out things like small picture frames as favors for weddings, you don’t have to go to that length. Instead you can make something small and elegant that your guests will treasure and that you’ll feel good about giving away since the cost is reasonable.

One idea that has stood the test of time is wedding cake. Most likely you will be serving cake at the wedding, but you can also order another cake that will be wrapped in the wedding colors and given away as favors for weddings. You can even purchase small white favor boxes for this very purpose.

If you are creative and skilled in calligraphy you can certainly note the date and your names on the favor boxes. Perhaps a stark black written note thanking your guests written on the top of the favor boxes will make these favors for weddings truly memorable.

Another relatively inexpensive idea is to create small scrolls on your home computer. These scrolls can then be printed on parchment and hand tied with ribbon that is a color reflective of the wedding party colors. The scrolls can include a thank you from the wedding couple along with an image of their engagement. These make perfect favors for weddings as they are personalized and they allow the guests the opportunity to open the scroll whenever they wish to remember the wedding.

Obviously you don’t have to incur much cost to create a small take home gift for your wedding guests. With some imagination and a little creative crafting you can make favors for weddings that your guests will treasure for years.

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